Organizational Progress

Navigate Change, Transform Impact.

Support Along Your Path


Starting a non-profit or for-profit entity has a lot of tedious steps!


Aside from these tasks, thinking about organizational culture begins here! Honestly, the most common work-on we encounter is work culture and communication blips that need to be addressed.


Once you start serving and growing, paying attention to processes is going to help you keep things flowing as you add more to your plate. We help agencies identify and address bottlenecks and inefficiencies as well as implement the updated streamlined process and leverage new technologies if needed.​


To prepare for an effective transition of your organization from one state to another, we need to analyze the impact of change, communicate the changes to stakeholders, and provide support to employees. We use a three-phase, iterative process.

Choose a Level that Matches Your Needs and Budget


Your typical consultation model, here to brainstorm and guide with honest input on an as needed basis starting at $150 per session.


Let us do the grunt work for you! 10 hours a week to set up a system, to draft and finalize a policy, and other development tasks starting at $750 per quarter.


Significant changes requires significant time! We use a three-phase, iterative process of assessment, planning, and implementation starting at $100 per hour.

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