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What's on Your Backburner?

You’re working non-stop with a to-do list that never ends.

You’re working with a busy team – no one has time.

You WANT to grow, but lacking the capacity to get over these next few humps of work.

You know you need help…

But the thought of hiring, training, and supervising someone sounds exhausting – and you’re worried it’ll cost more in time and money than it will save…

Still… you want more clients and sustainable revenue…

You want the ability to work within your zone instead of wasting time on tasks or administrative project you don’t enjoy, but “have to do.”

Imagine you get to....

Delegate confidently without having to recruit, train, supervise, or worry about any of the admin hassles of an intern.

Focus only on the work that brings you joy and let someone else handle the “have-to-dos.”

Have more time in your day for your work, organizational development projects are checked off your list, without the crazy long days.

Vital Organizational Development Assistants (VODAs) connect agencies with talented, hard-working interns trained in management, leadership, and the social sector, giving you the support you need to make your greatest impact.

Accomplish More

Achieve Goals

Examples of common tasks

Board & Governance Materials

Onboarding process and materials, retention strategies, strategic plan structures and templates, drafted mission-vision-values updates, and minutes editing.

Fundraising Tools & Materials

Tools include GiveButter, GiveLively, Bloomerang, and DIY CRMs and excel sheets. Materials include flyers, QR codes, campaign set up, thank you letters, and researching upcoming events in your area.

Outreach Tools & Materials

Developing outreach scripts for phone calls and testing them out, training videos and materials for your volunteers, flyers, social media support, and setting up email services like MailChimp, MailerLite, and Constant Contact.

Implementing Management Tools

Grant Management, Project Management, Personnel Management - we have the tools for it that meet your needs. Our go-to's tend to be excel/sheets and ClickUp, but we are experienced with Instrumentl, Gusto, AirTable, Monday, Asanda, and others.

Draft Procedures

Policies and SOPs can be a grind to jot down in a meaningful and accessible structure, but we are trained to do it! Examples include but are not limited to employee manuals, giving policies, financial policies, DEI, job duty standard operating procedures, and annual reviews.

Assess Org Culture

We conduct staff interviews to learn the ins and outs of how your team of staff, volunteers, contactors, board members, and other stakeholders are fairing in the agency. We produce a high level deliverable that honestly shares the state of your culture,

Data Mining & Visualization

Looking through your data to pull out the most "wow" pieces of information, research the web and journals for data that aligns and supports your work.

Website Launch

Your choice between WordPress or SquareSpace, we will make the build or revamp - taking a huge time intensive job off your to-do list.

Draft Budgets

We can look at your past few years of budgets and provide recommendations for the future. We can outline the budget for a grant proposal. Never had a budget? Verbally tell us what you spend, and we'll get it in a spreadsheet!

Develop Evaluation

Surveys, focus groups, interviews, pre-tests, post-tests, performance reviews, satisfaction questionnaires, needs assessments, and the timeline, scripts, and other supportive tools needed during evaluation.

Audit Your Needs

Not sure what you need? VODAs can do a full agency audit of your processes, systems, tools, culture, policies, values, etc to make recommendations on what would best serve your mission.

And More!

Organizational development and change management are flexible methodologies that can adapt to your particular needs. Our team specializes in person-centered approaches and business acumen so please don't hesitate if your needs aren't listed in this short list.


At Organizational Progress, supervisors both on your team and ours are CC’ed on all emails to make sure everyone is kept in the loop.

We also invite you to the quarterly reviews, but we encourage you to provide feedback along the way.


3-month commitment
$ 270 Monthly
  • Up to 10 hours a week
  • Best if you have just a few projects
  • Best for early stages agencies


6-month commitment
$ 247
  • Discounted
  • Best if you have a laundry list
  • Best for growth stage


12-month commitment
$ 225 Monthly
  • Discounted more than $500
  • Best if you have large projects
  • Best for scaling stage

Learn more by talking with our team. Register to get started and reserve your spot.

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